Is your email address holding you back?

     So you know your resume is impressive, well-versed, precise, and to the point. You know your experience, background, and education are on point. So why are you not getting any call backs? You have sent out resume after resume; even went to a job fair with your friend and she got a call back. Have you ever thought it might be your email address?    Most of the generation today usually sets up their first email around 15-16, now gmail allows users as young as 13 to set-up their own account! So more than likely a teen will go for whatever is "cool" at the time, (ex., Can you imagine an HR or hiring manager deciding if they want to hire or Especially if they have similar resumes or work history.  While you do not have to close down your email account completely it would be wise to get an email with your first and last name, or as close as you can possibly get to use for professional reasons.

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